10 Myths and Misconceptions about using music in YouTube videos

10 Myths and Misconceptions about using music in YouTube videos


From Beatsuite.com:  Today’s inspired generation is creating content via their webcam, mobile phone and media streaming devices to deliver their own unique content for broadcast online. However, one stumbling block that continually seems to trip up the masses is the issue of music copyright.

This article provides further information on common myths and misconceptions relating to music copyright…

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4 reasons your fight scenes suck (and how to fix them)

4 reasons your fight scenes suck (and how to fix them)

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Originally posted on Platypus Underground:

A lot of films- both big budget and (especially) low budget- fall short when it comes to fight scenes. They tend to looks silly, sloppy, and sometimes boring. But why? These are action scenes! They should be the most exciting parts of the movie!

There are a few reasons these scenes suck. Here’s how to make your fight scenes kick ass!

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10 Filmmaking Sites You Should Be Reading

10 Filmmaking Sites You Should Be Reading


From PremiumBeat.com:  Looking to take your video production and filmmaking skills to the next level? These sites will help you step up your game in production, post production & color grading. 

We’ve rounded up some of the leading video production and filmmaking sites!Check out these terrific online resources to learn about the latest industry developments, get reviews on professional…

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Winter Film Awards 2014 Indie Film Fest Award Ceremony

Winter Film Awards 2014 Indie Film Fest Award Ceremony

Winter Film Awards 2014 Independent Film Festival Awards Ceremony on the evening of March 1 with a gala Awards Ceremony and After-Party, held in the stunning Empire Room at the renowned event space club 230 Fifth.

Video courtesy of Worldcast Inc
Click here for the full list of winners and nominees!

The dazzling awards show included…

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Women in Hollywood Seeking to Help Out New Female Filmmakers

Women in Hollywood Seeking to Help Out New Female Filmmakers

Women in Hollywood Seeking to Help Out New Female Filmmakers

From Jezebel.com:  A group of high profile Hollywood women are joining a new initiative that seeks to help the next generation of female directors.

“Females First” is a project that looks to established industry names to select work from women they think deserve to be highlighted. Jane Campion and Helen Mirren are among those participating in the initiative, launched by Dazed and Confused magazi…

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Why Web Series Matter

Why Web Series Matter

ifp resources

by Dan Schoenbrun, IFP.org

Last week at IFP we launched the call for entries for our 35th annual Independent Film Week. This year, there’s one important change — for the first time, we’ll be accepting applications for narrative web series at all stages of development, production, and post-production

It’s a long time coming, and something that we’re all incredibly excited about.

Personally, I’ve…

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How to start your own production company

How to start your own production company

The unglamorous side of wildlife filmmaking!

(Photo credit: Paul Williams http://www.IronAmmonitePhotography.com)

From Platypus Underground:  Any filmmakers out there looking to start your own film production company? It can be an intimidating process, but with a bit of research, it’s certainly within your reach. We’ve compiled a huge list of resources to help you on your road to building the next Paramount or Dreamworks!

Filmmaking for…

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Lola Interviews Kevin Lawless from the Ride of Fame

Lola interviews Gera Gavrilov at the Winter Film Awards

Do Human Eyes ‘See’ Like Cameras? A Look at the Resolution & Frame Rate of Vision

Do Human Eyes ‘See’ Like Cameras? A Look at the Resolution & Frame Rate of Vision

VsauceFrom , NoFilmSchool.com:   Cameras are the “eyes” of cinema, recognizing, capturing, and processing images at certain frame rates and resolutions. But, what about our own eyes? At what “frame rate” do we process images and at what resolution? In these excellent videos, Michael Stevens, host of everybody’s favorite YouTube science channel, Vsauce, shows us how our eyes compare to cameras,…

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